There is currently a countywide review of health. Proposals include the loss of vital services like A&E & Maternity from Redditch. Join the fight to Save the Alex Now

From today (14th June 2012) the people of Redditch, Bromsgrove and surrounding area will be asked about the future of our health services. There is currently a countywide review of health underway. Now is the time, before the options are drawn up for consultation in a few months, when we must use our voice to show our opposition to any suggestion that the A&E, maternity or the Alex will no longer be in Redditch.

Proposals will be put before us, and like you, I say that the people of Redditch will not stand by while services are taken away from the Alex. We fought and won when the Alex was last under threat and we must do so again.

A National Health Service for the future of Redditch

As people live longer, as our health needs and expectations change, the demands on the NHS becomes greater and this has financial implications. Redditch has higher than county average levels of heart disease and stroke, obesity and smoking and in parts of the town, male life expectancy is 8.5 years lower than average. With higher levels of deprivation and youth unemployment, there are significant reasons why health services should not be taken away from the town, but should be invested in.

The Alex Hospital is well positioned for the North of the County, serving not only Redditch but Bromsgrove, Alvechurch, Studley and Alcester. It has a good road system, low congestion and good links to the M42. There are large parcels of land on site which can be used to expand buildings and parking facilities to develop centres of excellence.

Going forward health services should be brought closer to people, more care taking place in the home, more procedures carried out where the patients are, like at the doctors surgery, not at places where Redditch people cannot get to. And in an emergency, when things go wrong we cannot have people being transported 20 miles away when we already have a good A&E in Redditch. Nurses, doctors and consultants need to be where the patients are, not the other way around.

It’s the pack of cards affect, remove A&E and all of the other services fall down. Maternity, paediatrics, trauma, surgery, the list goes on.

A National Health Service cannot be taken for granted, I value free, safe, accessible, quality care and I will stand up with you to defend it.

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  • Joe blogs -

    So the board haven’t renewed the contract of a respiratory consultant!!! So now he is leaving- the Alex can’t hire people because it’s surrounded by negativity- and now The board aren’t renewing the contracts of people already happy to work there!

  • Neil Marsh -

    Headless Cross Community Orchard are holding our annual Apple Day event on October 1st. We have approximately 500 visitors over the day. Would Save the Alex like a stall to promote the campaign?

  • find-way.net -

    Neal Stote gives his opinion on the announcement that his local hospital will be closing the Maternity Ward and forcing mums-to-be to travel up to 40 miles to have their babies. Putting lives at risk and forcing patients into the hands of Acute Hospitals who already stretched with resources.

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